How to Turn Off Google Buzz

There is more to it than I previously thought, read about it on cnet:

After writing that last post I went through my list of followers on Google Buzz and noticed that a bunch of randoms were following me. I went to hit the “block” button but was suprised to see that there wasn’t a block button(a la Twitter). I looked around on the internet and found a lot of people that were upset about this, I dug some more and found out how to turn it off because until Google fixes this problem I do not want anything to do with it.

How to Turn off Buzz

Here is the link to Google Buzz Privacy Page to read through their jargon. Apparently you can make your posts public or private, but I am still left a little confused as to why they wouldn’t allow you to block people.

(notice that there is no “block” button next to these people, they can follow me whether I want them to or not)

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