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Search Engine Optimization in Action

So here is my work with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Check it out, in a market as crowded as real estate during an economic downturn it is hard to stay relevant in the eyes of the web, but with a few tweaks here and there, you can stand out above the ranks of boring, uninformative real estate websites. Here are a few screenshots of search engines listing my clients real estate blog on the first page. Continue reading

Amazing SEO Results

Using various web analytcs tools, I like scrolling through the list of the traffic coming to my sites and see what people are typing in to find my sites. Through years of analyzing trends and seeing patterns in terms being used, I have developed a knack for finding certain niche terms and creating posts around those terms which will satisfy a curious visitor with the actual information they are seeking. Part of that is also sending them on to even more helpful traffic. The first and most important rule about driving traffic to your site is information. Whoever gives out the most relevant and useful information on a rapid and steady basis will always win out to other tactics seen on the web. The easiest way to do this is to get the owner of the business to write their own posts. There is no one more informed or more experience than the person who is running the business. What I do with clients is show them how a blog works and have them email me there posts, then I publish them. After they become comfortable with writing the posts, then I introduce them to WordPress, a content management system, where I coach them on how to use the application so they do not have to rely on me to actually upload anything. I always let my clients know I am there to help them, but I also instill in them the motivation to do it themselves. This empowers them to write even more and also makes them feel they they are contributing to their online identity.
Check out this screenshot I took of Google results when you type in the names of two of the most famous musical acts on the planet:
search results on