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What Is Adobe AIR?

Adobe AIR lets developers create Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) for the desktop. These applications will connect to the internet without you having to go to your web browser and type in a URL and allow you to access files or interact with social media applications in many interesting ways, one example of this is Seesmic Desktop, which you can read more about here.
Check out some RIAs at
To run any of the applications you must install AIR on your computer, click on the image below to install AIR.

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What Does Bounce Rate Mean?

Bounce Rate is a term used in web analytics to describe the percentage of people that go to a web page and then leave from that page. A high percentage bounce rate is bad, generally anything over 50% is considered not good. This is used to determine how useful, insightful, or informative your site is. When a website is optimized correctly, you will be getting targetted visitors for your products, niches, or information. If your website is optimized correctly, the bounce rate will determine if people are exploring your website or just staying there long enough to realize it will not be helpful and then “bouncing” (clicking the back button) back to google or whatever search engine you are using. You can track this in Google Analytics. See the screenshot below:
google analytics, bounce rate

Website Analytics

Website Analytics is the study of a particular websites traffic and inbound/outbound links to discover where and how people are finding your website. Understanding where traffic is coming from is vital to the success of your website, by understanding where traffic is coming from you will be able to understand how the content on your site is being understood by search engines and humans alike. This will let you know if the information you are trying to express on your site is reaching it’s target audience.