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I am excited to let you know I received my early invitation today to!

Here is how they described in the welcome email:
“Wowd is a tool for finding topics in the global, public conversation that’s taking place on the web. Wowd is particularly useful for finding information in conversational media (also called social media), because it’s able to show you what real people find interesting, and it can provide you updates in real time.”

There overview states:
“Wowd is a tool for finding popular information, in real-time, from across the entire web….”
It goes on to state:
“Wowd delivers popular and timely information to users in four ways:
Wowd displays a real-time “Hot List” of popular web pages;
Users can search for specific items of interest, and sort search results according to Popularity or Freshness;
Wowd generates personalized recommendations for each user, based on that user’s interests;
Wowd enables users to do full text search of all public pages that they have seen before, making it extremely easy to find those pages again”

I will need some time to figure out exactly what it is good for and how people can utilize it, but the prospect of real-time search in conjunction with personalized saved networks sounds promising.

***UPDATE ***
love this quote about wowd on twitter:

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