Sun Chips Earth Day Marketing Genius

Sun chips has done a classic example of cross-niching. More so, they have done a cross media promotion, involving social media, a global holiday, and a commendable action towards the “green” movement.
They made their bags compostable, and they announced this through joint efforts on NBC, by using NBC show stars (Joel McHale for one) on Earth Day. Sun Chips released a press release at the beginning of the month, and during that time they were tweeting heavily, but since for over two weeks haven’t tweeted once, which is a really bad move. You are going to spend all this money on ads on NBC and you are not going to utilize something that is free like Twitter?

On the other hand, there use of Facebook is stellar.

So kudos to Sun Chips, for utilizing “green” marketing, good use of Facebook and for coming up with something that genuinely helps the environment.

1 thought on “Sun Chips Earth Day Marketing Genius

  1. jimmy4real

    That’s not all. Sun Chips has been doing some very innovative marketing indeed. The other day I saw an article in Spin magazine about this band, but it wasn’t an article at all. It was something known as editorial advertising, and it was quite effective as it sucked me in before I noticed the Sun Chips logo at the top right and the teeny-tiny words “promotional advertisement” or something like that in light grey on the top left. I had to give them Kudos for being innovative instead of just having some full page ad of some smiling fool jumping on a trampoline with Sun Chips flying around them. Biggie ups to Sun Chips.


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