What Is Net Neutrality?

So a coworker asked me what it was the other day because of the new deal underway between Verizon and Google to limit the accessibilty of the internet. Simply put, net neutrality means that no matter what site it is or what kind of content you are viewing, that content is as accessible and loads just as fast as any other content on the web. The opposite of this is a tiered system where certain content or websites would load faster than others. Google and Verizon say they are for net neutrality, the only exception is for the wireless internet. This is a problem because that is where the internet is headed, wireless access including mobile devices. For example, if Google decides that the content on Youtube is fine, but the content on Vimeo is in competition, they can make it so Vimeo’s website loads slower than Youtube’s. That may be an extreme example but I think gets the point across. The internet is about the inter-exchange of ideas and information, it should not be hindered or shown any preference in any way. This is beyond what side of the political fence you are on, freedom is freedom, we all strive for it even if we do not all agree on how to get there. In this instance, and what Google and Verizon are proposing is to control how information is aquired and if it is available at all. If you own a website, imagine if no one could find it anymore, and instead your competition was freely available. I am not saying that this would happen, but under the conditions of what Google and Verizon are proposing it could.

Here are some links and videos which may explain it better:
Google’s PR post about net neutrality.
10 Media Takes on the Google-Verizon Net Neutrality Proposal
MoveOn.Org Civic Action, Credo Action, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and ColorofChange.org issued a joint statement
The savetheinternet.com coalition is two million everyday people who have banded together with thousands of non-profit organizations, businesses and bloggers to protect Internet freedom.

Here is the TYT Network discussing the Google and Verizon deal in an easily understandable way:

Here is Democracy Now discussing it a little more in depth:

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